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Water Plant

In 1935 it was discussed by the Clay Center Public Commission to develop a plan to better the water in Clay Center. For some reason the plan was put into a box and not implemented. In 2005 work began on Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Master Water Plan. In 2004 the State of Kansas proclaimed alpha particles were detected in the water. The State also proclaimed that there would be a holding period on the chlorinated water before it went into the distribution system. After viewing reverse osmosis systems in Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado, along with other plants, the Commission set out to find the best solution to the water issue in Clay Center. Burns and McDonnell was hired to engineer the project. A pilot test of membranes was conducted, and the Water Treatment Plant began. On July 17, 2010, the first water was pumped into the system to the citizens of Clay Center.

Morganville Water Project

The City of Morganville was lacking in senior water rights. The small town bought water from a nearby farmer. In 2014 final paperwork and work was completed for Morganville to purchase water from the Clay Center Public Utilities Commission. Morganville Rural Water become interested in purchasing water from Clay Center Public Utilities. In 2014, this also occurred.